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Book a massage at Mayla Surf House!

Now in Mayla Surf House we offer Gitali, a Physiotherapist and Ayurveda Massage Therapist! We recommend her to relax, unwind and enjoy the massage in our sun room or in your private room. She is available now now until June 24.

Gitali is offering an massage according to your needs based on Ayurveda medicine. She has 20 years of experience in this field. 

The duration of your massage is based on your needs with a 15 minute minimum. All massage can be booked by appointment during your stay at Mayla. 

Gitali also studies TFT Thought Field Therapy and offers an Ayurveda Consultation about nutrition and healthy life to set you on the healthy balanced path.

Words from Gitali: “I’m Gitali Flor, 44 years old, Physiotherapist and Ayurveda Therapist, owner of Snehan – Ayurveda Center & Spa in Santa Catarina-  Brazil. I am passionate about life and I found in the path of meditation the door for a deeper contact with myself, with peace and silence. Ayurveda, supporting my wisdom, surf, giving me courage, the intense contact with nature, bringing serenity. These are my daily tools in the process of inner self-knowledge and adaptation to the external environment, helping me to flow more and resist less. I was born to serve, to care. My mission is to help and facilitate the process of other people on this path to rediscover and reconnect with their BEING and their sacred essence.”

“Eu sou Gitali Flor, 44 anos, Fisioterapeuta e Terapeuta Ayurveda, proprietária do Snehan – Ayurveda Center & Spa em Santa Catarina – Brasil. Sou apaixonada pela vida e encontrei no caminho da meditação a porta para um contato mais profundo comigo mesmo, com paz e silêncio. Ayurveda, apoiando minha sabedoria, surf, me dando coragem, o contato intenso com a natureza, trazendo serenidade. Essas são minhas ferramentas diárias no processo de autoconhecimento e adaptação ao ambiente externo, ajudando-me a fluir mais e a resistir menos. Eu nasci para servir, para me importar. Minha missão é ajudar e facilitar o processo de outras pessoas neste caminho para redescobrir e reconectar com o seu SER e sua essência sagrada.”


“I have had sessions with dozens of professionals over my many years, so I have good perspective to say that Gitali provides a very special, good quality massage & healing experience. She combines very high quality physical massage technique with a quiet, centering and restorative personal spirit.  I felt a stillness and confidence at being in highly professional, and competent hands, and at the end was both physically and mentally well-cared-for. I will return again.”  J. USA

“Además de su aspecto dulce y delicioso Gitali es una persona que,  en el momento en que te toca,  se apodera de tu cuerpo como si lo conociera desde siempre y llega a proporcionarte un relajo y una paz en un tiempo récord haciendo que te sientas descansada y reconectada con todas las partes de tu cuerpo cuando termina el masaje. Demuestra a la vez ciencia, don y pasión por lo que hace. Y siempre sigue aprendiendo para llegar mas alto en la excelencia . Espero seguir siempre en contacto con ella” – Mathilde Poli  

 “Well usually I’m not comfortable with massages, but the last summer I decided to try Gitali treatment and…boooom in the middle  of the massage I found myself  in another dimension! After the massage I felt like flying! I’m waiting the next summer to meet Gitali again! Much Love to everyone and let’s try Gitali’s Energy!”

Follow her on Instagram @gitali_flor

You can contact her for a consultation throught Whats App +34 603527014

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