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Mayla Surf House has a community vibe!

Find something for every group at Mayla Surf House. We host all types of gatherings and make a space for you to relax and feel at home!

photo by Fabio Dias

Mayla invites you to enjoy meals with your friends. We have a huge table in our kitchen area perfect for your group dinners. We even offer Saturday night BBQ featuring some amazing chefs. Please contact Mayla Surf House for more info and how to book a catered BBQ.

The very same table serves as a studio space big enough for all your gear and the gang. Whether you are making films, music, photography or catching up on emails you can access our wifi for free and get down to business.

photo by Fabio Dias

Our sun room is a great space to hang in the hammock in the afternoon to read a book or take a siesta! We also love this room to enjoy the sunrise with a cup of coffee and good company. See you there!